Speaker Spotlight: Dr Kieren Moffat

4 June 2019

As we build up to Iron Ore 2019, we will be interviewing our keynote speakers on some key issues within the Iron Ore industry.

We recently asked Dr Kieren Moffat for his views on the industry. Kieren spent 10 years with CSIRO as a Senior Research Scientist researching the nature of the mining industry’s social licence to operate in Australia and around the world. He has led the development of Reflexivity, a CSIRO company created to deliver this science to mining companies and the communities they work alongside. To date, the Reflexivity ‘Local Voices’ platform has been deployed in Western Australia across the Pilbara, Goldfields, South West and Perth, providing data-driven social performance insights to support more constructive community relationships. He is a social and organisational psychologist by training and leads a diverse team of people located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Dampier and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Is there a link between SLO, renewable energy and the mining industry?

  • The link is clear and direct at a local level – communities effected by development of any kind will seek to influence its development trajectory. Creating constructive channels for communities to do this leads to significant business benefits
  • The larger challenge for the mining industry is developing a value proposition for local and more distal/global communities that means impacts/benefits for local communities are managed effectively while contributing to larger aspirational renewables goals and fuelling the supply chains of new technologies
  • What will not work for companies is to seek to convince communities that local impacts from increased production of resources critical for renewable technologies may be offset against larger global benefits


What message would you like to provide to the delegates – what do you hope will be the main message they will take away from your keynote presentation?

  • Understanding your business means understanding the communities you work alongside to manage risk effectively
  • We have developed a data driven approach to social licence that provides close to real time understanding of social risk and opportunity
  • We have a data footprint covering most of the Pilbara iron ore production region, providing social insights to the largest iron ore producers
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