Speaker Spotlight: Neil Goodman

26 March 2019

As we build up to Iron Ore 2019, we will be interviewing our keynote speakers on some key issues within the Iron Ore industry.

We recently asked Neil Goodman for his views on the industry. Neil is currently the CEO of Acadia Iron, a Vancouver based company, which has the rights to licence the HIsmelt technology outside China, and is currently developing HIsmelt projects in North and South America, and Australasia.

1. In 2017 there was a strong focus on the importance of mineralogy and petrology on iron ore processing characteristics (ie geometallurgy), the rationale being that you need to understand the detailed characteristics of an ore to optimise mining, blending, beneficiation and downstream processing operations. Do these characteristics still hold true in 2019?

The effect of iron ore characteristics on downstream processing operations is critical today and will become more critical as the Chinese steel industry changes due to environmental regulations, economic slowdown and increased scrap generation.

2. How important is flexibility when responding to today’s market conditions (Feijao collapse vs slowing Chinese economy)?

Strategic rather than short term flexibility will be key as the Chinese steel industry reaches ‘peak BF production’ as steel intensity falls, and scrap consumption rises over the next few decades.  This will put even more pressure on the prices of ores with lower Fe and higher gangue.

3. What message would you like to provide to the delegates – what do you hope will be the main message they will take away from your keynote presentation?

My key message will be that the HIsmelt technology has been proven in China, and offers an alternative route for the smelting of different ores that are presently uneconomic for use in blast furnaces.

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